Monday, May 5, 2014

Busy Week 3/31/2014

Oh my goodness! so I don't have much time today because we just got back in town from zone p-day and we have to be at a dinner in about 15 minutes! craziness. i know. but zone p-day was so fun. we played baseball, i used all my baseball skills. and then it started to rain so we went back to the church to play volleyball. no i still don't have much athletic ability but it was still fun!
But it sounds like everyone is doing fantastic! I did get to read all of your emails and I PROMISE I will write back in full and some next week. 
But this past week has been really good! No we aren't baptizing nations and people don't just walk up to us wanting to be a member of Christ's church. BUT! we have had a few good experiences and a lot of laughs! 
So a few weeks ago, actually almost two months ago we met a guy named Gary. His wife is less-active and he isn't a member. but during our lesson a while ago he was silent and then at the end he was like "i want to know everything about your religion" he is super nice but we haven't been able to meet with him since then because he works A TON. but the other day, we had a prompting that we needed to go see him. and right when we got there, he walked out of his house. He has been going through a lot recently and said that his faith in God is basically gone. at the end he said that he appreciated us coming by and that we were definitely an answer to his prayers. After he said that I just had this moment where i thought "that is why im a missionary." That was probably my favorite moment this week. 
We have a few really great investigators, some like to keep their commitments but others just enjoy talking to us. so it's been a challenge deciding where to spend our time, but i have learned so much about what the Lord wants for His children. 
well i love you all and so does Jesus! have a great week!
love sister oberfield

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