Thursday, June 26, 2014

5/18ths - 6/16/2014

so yeah, 5/18ths of the way done! and i hope everyone had a good fathers day! i thought about my dad's lots. Sad that I wasn't able to spend time with them, but happy because i know they support me being on a mission!
This past week was... a roller coaster? i guess you could call it that.

Monday: we went to the zoo! The zoo here is free! Like you just walk right in. no charge. no questions asked. I wish the Phoenix zoo was like that, but i guess beggers can't be choosers.

Tuesday: i don't even remember this day.

Wednesday: we had zone leader training! and it was awe$ome. It was all on following the spirit in our work. and they asked the question "when was the last time you let the spirit completely guide you in the mission field?" and sadly, i could think of a few days where it was like that, but that was about it. and at the end of my mission i want to look back and be able to say that i truly relied on the spirit and through that became a consecrated missionary. Because guess what? the more consecrated i am as a missionary the closer i am to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ!

Thursday: this was a hard day. some things happened (that i won't go into detail about) with someone that really made me question if i was supposed to be in St Louis Hills and really made me feel like i just wasn't a good missionary. But luckily, the scriptures provide a sense of comfort that has the ability to make a homesick sister missionary realize that she can do this. I'm grateful for this hard day because I really had to rely on the Lord to have strength to not pick up the phone and call president to tell him I wanted to go home. and during this, moms voice came into my head saying "this too shall pass" & it totally did.

Friday: we had to get the car fixed at the dealership and i may or may not have slipped a look at the TV when the news was on. and holy cow. Obama's hair is so white. and the world is so scary.
also on Friday, there is a family in the ward who's mom is on bed rest and they have 3 girls under 8 and so we went over to their house and helped them clean and we also made dinner for them! I MADE A FAMILY DINNER! sure it was French toast, but i still did it.

Saturday: MARK'S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohooooo! it was so good! Mark has been through so much in his life and doesn't have much support from his family, and he has found so much comfort in his new ward family. He loves the gospel and knows without a doubt that the church is true. People like Mark make missions worth it. I'm so blessed to have this opportunity to be just a small part of his baptism.
Saturday night we went over to members house for dessert and then caught fireflies! it was so fun. we would catch them and the take the lights off and put them on our fingers so our hands were glowing. kind of barbaric but it was fun.

Sunday: I. LOVE. SUNDAYS. and Father's day!!! Mark was confirmed during sacrament and his smile was so big and the spirit was so strong! After church I had one of the elders give me a blessing because i was still kind of bothered about Thursday. I love priesthood blessings. I love the fact that they come from our Heavenly Father. So yes, i feel much better. much much better. Then on Sunday night we had dinner with some members and Sister Martinez and I made a (box) cake! it was a hit.

I love you all so much and thank you for the support and the love and the prayers! I wouldn't be able to do it without you all.

love sister oberfield

Mark's Basptism 

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