Saturday, December 13, 2014

Press Forward Saints - 8/4/14

hiii guys! I hope you all enjoyed your last full week of summer! I feel like summer didn't even exist in my life this year because I think the closest I came to a pool was about 15 feet. but its totally fine because "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven"
We had such a good week this past week!

MONDAY: I took a nap. this was awesome.

TUESDAY-FRIDAY: pretty much we just tried to find people to teach all day. We have something call a "teaching pool" which is just all of our investigators. and this week we looked at it, and realized two things:
1. no one is really progressing in the gospel
2. the ones that are are getting baptized on Saturday (basically just Kaia)
So we spent a lot of time finding new people this week and asking people if they know anyone who is interested in the gospel! we didn't find too many people to teach like we were planning on doing but we have lots of people who we are going to visit this week that seem really interested in the gospel. So that's really exciting! It's so cool to see how the Lord is preparing people everywhere we go. so keep praying that the people in St Louis will be prepared! prayers work!

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Kaia got baptized and was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! yayyyayay! Her baptism was soo good. I love this family so much. Kaia's dad lives in Canada and wasn't able to come to her baptism but her wrote a letter that was read and let's just say everyone was in tears. This little girl is sosososo loved! She bore her testimony and shared how she knows that God answers prayers and that the Book of Mormon is true. I'm so glad she has found that truth because it will carry her throughout her life. Those simple truths can carry all of us actually! I feel so blessed to have been one of the many missionaries to teach Kaia, she always teaches me how to be more submissive and humble and how to just have a positive attitude.

sorry not much happened this week to share! Everything really is going to good over here though! I'm loving this city, the people, and just being a missionary overall. This time in my life is such a blessing. I think back to when I first came out and I totally had a deer in the head lights look because I had NO idea what was going on. Really though. But I wonder how I was able to overcome all those trials and think about all those nights I just laid in bed and prayed. What I think helped me so much was prayer, actually I know that's what helped me so much! Heavenly Father really did answer so many of my prayers from helping me love the people and to know that my family was being taken care of to helping me feel not so bad about burning 90% of the food I tried to make (funny side story: I made noodles for dinner last night and had some butter on them, I didn't understand why the butter wasn't melting until I realized I had put crème cheese on it instead). He really does listen, and answer. And I love Him for that.

I love you all and hope you have a good first week of school! Look for the people who seem a little nervous or sad and be their friend!
1. Kadin, me, Kaia & sis 'alofaki! and kaia being photo ready and kaia getting photo ready

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