Sunday, December 14, 2014

Service Project - 10/27/14

Hi guys! another great week here in the Missouri St Louis mission! Seriously, I love this place. I've been experiencing my first fall and i'm just loving it. all these different colored leaves are so pretty. Things have been looking up in Ofallon! We had the best week yet this past week! We were able to meet with all but 2 of our investigators and find two new investigators!!

the people:
So the Ofallon ward is great. They are all so willing to help out and we have a dinner appointment every night until the 17th of November.. once again, you don't have to worry about me going hungry. Every time we had an opportunity for a member to be with us at a lesson this week there was no trouble trying to find someone. Everyone has been very kind to us! Even the ones who don't want to listen to us! 
One really cool thing that I saw this week was how people respond differently when you just love them. We we tracting a few days ago and an older lady opened the door and she was pretty determined to let us know she was catholic right away. We introduced ourselves and i saw that she was wearing a super pretty ring, so i commented on it and we ended up having an entire conversation about rings, then we ended up talking to her about the gospel. she still wasn't interested, but I walked away feeling a love for this lady and I'm pretty sure she felt loved also.
So we are teaching a lady named Jennifer who is sosososo awesome! She is so sweet and loves the message we share. basically everything we teach, she already believes in. We've only been able to meet with her twice this week, but hopefully this coming week we will be setting a baptism date with her!

the learning: 
"love the people, work hard, and be obedient" emphasizing the be obedient part! I have gained a HUGE testimony of obedience over the past 9 months. Obedience to the Lord's commandment gives us freedom. I've seen how true this is this past week as i've been able to directly relate miracles and tender mercies that we've seen back to being obedient. The times that i've been the happiest out here have been when i've been exactly obedient. I wish this was something that was just understood, but i've seen that it's something that has to be learned by experience. 
here's my motto:  
obedience: just do it. *insert nike swoosh*

Well you guys, I love you lots! Thank you for everything you do and all your support! Have fun on Halloween and be safe! I'll be in the apartment at 5, so you don't have to worry about me! 

sister oberfield

oh. p.s. i got interviewed at the ofallon day of service! so here's that #awkward picture (do people still hashtag?)

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