Wednesday, January 21, 2015

flashbacks and God's hand - 1/20/15

wow you guys. this week was nuts. so much happened and I just hope I can relay all the amazing experiences. I think we should refer to last week as the week of all weeks.

TUESDAY: we had #zoneconf! all the missionaries in O'Fallon Illinois and Cape Girardeau Missouri  gathered to experience probably the best #zoneconf in the history of the GMSLM (great Missouri st Louis mission). okay that may have been exaggerated, but it was so so great! We focused a lot on achieving this years goal of 453 baptisms! and how we each play a very specific and important part in this work. because what we do impacts our companion, which impacts our district, then our zone, then the mission, which ultimately is changing the world. (wow that escalated quickly). but it's so true! we are apart of something so great that has an eternal imprint on people's lives.

WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: we had exchanges with a few different sisters! which required a lot of traveling. it's totally cool though, what better time to get to know someone than on a road trip, right? I love being able to spend time with the sisters. they each have such a unique story about how the came on a mission or how they joined the church. and I love learning from them because they each have amazing spiritual gifts. I really do look up to each of them.

FRIDAY-SATURDAY: I went back to the homeland! aka Salem!!!! yayayay! wow so to be honest I was a bit nervous about it at first. driving through the town I was having major deja vu. I saw houses that I vividly remember talking to those people about the gospel, and there were things in the apartment that were mine. and I just kept thinking about how Salem was my life a year ago. I grew so much in that area and I learned so much. We were able to see some people that mean a lot to me when I was there. we traveled with the mills, and I remembered all the nights they took us out to dinner and all of brother mills' crazy jokes. we had a lesson with the hays family and I was reminded of the times we practiced teaching to them. and then we say the martins. a family that sister huppi and I found that got baptized shortly after I left. they were quite surprised that I was back for the day and the girls went crazy. I wanted to scream along with them because I was so excited but I contained the excitement. but when we were at the martins we read scriptures with them as a family and Alexus, the oldest daughter, sat next to me. as we were reading in 3 nephi 17 (my favorite chapter) alexus just started reading when it was her turn. I don't know what it was, but the spirit was just so strong. it was probably the fact that at that moment I realized how far they had come and how eternal this work really is, it really does change the world! They told me about how much better life has been since they joined the church. it hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it. I'm so grateful that I was able to play such a small part in their conversion. I love them, so so much.

I love you all! you are da best.

sister oberfield

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