Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The EmpTy Sea (1/22/14)

Hahah (get it, EmpTy Sea, MTC) I'm just kidding, this place isn't empty. It’s the exact opposite of empty. It’s full of people, lessons and most of all the spirit!
I did get to see Bronson! It was kind of funny because I was eating lunch and just having one of those "this is hard" moments and I heard someone say my name! Like my real name! It was probably the first time since being here that I heard it and so I jumped up and when I saw Bronson we both got so excited! But all we could do was shake hands!! It was hard but we were okay.  He was so sweet and really cheered me up.  Tender mercies are so real.  He also gave me some letters to read when I’m having a hard time!  We didn't get a picture because when we saw each other, neither of us had a camera. We were going to meet up at the Sunday night devotional but by the time I got there he had already left back to west campus! But that’s okay; it was so nice being able to talk to him.
The weather isn't as bad as I thought it would be! I actually kind of like it! I know, I never thought I’d say that either! St. Louis will definitely be colder though! The first few days at the MTC were so long. I really was convinced that this place had more hours than the rest of the world. My companion is so sweet! And she loves quoting movies, so I got really lucky. We are teaching someone named Steven and it's been good! I'm really learning to rely on the spirit, especially when teaching. Everyday I am just amazed at the things we learn. My favorite so far is when we had a devotional on Tuesday night and he talked about loving the people we serve. And how when we use the atonement in our everyday lives it will be easier to love them and they will feel Christ’s love through us. It really is amazing how much I have to learn though! And so exciting! It’s been weird getting used to a schedule that I don't make for myself but I’m learning to love it!
Mom, that's exciting that you get to go to Chicago soon! We’ll be super close!!!! Send me pictures of the new cabinets next week! And of all of the projects! My address will change when I get to St. Louis! For now it's the Utah one! Thank you for doing my laundry!
I like that question that your lesson is on! So much while I’ve been here I have felt so inadequate to all that I have to learn and in those moments I have to turn to my savior for strength! And I’m so glad I can do that! All of this is worth it.
Thank you for everything you've done for me! I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear from you next week. I will try to call in the airport on Wednesday but I get there at like 4 in the morning so I might just leave a message.
I love you guys and miss you soooo much!
Sister Oberfield

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