Monday, March 17, 2014

16 Months Left - 3/17/2014

Haha so that sounds like a lot.. and it is.. but i'm so glad i still have 16 months to be a missionary! It makes me so sad to think that one day i won't be wearing a badge that says Sister Oberfield. but that's not for a while, so i won't stress about it! I hope everyone had a good week and it excited for spring break! (I know how much you love breaks, mom) jump in the pool for me!
This week has been really good! So a few weeks ago we found this lady walking, her names Melissa. But when we found her she told us we could come back because she really would like to hear what we had to say. But when we went back, she wasn't there. and the number she gave us wasn't working anymore. so we thought she was long gone and we decided that we just needed to drop her (sad, i know). but anyways. last Thursday we went to visit  less active who lives by her, and she was outside! so we ran over to her, totally kidding we just walked (if we ran she would probably be scared of us) but when she saw us, she got suuuper happy! she said that we always came by when she needed to be happy! She had been hoping that we would come back because she really wanted to know what we taught. So we decided to read in the Book of Mormon with her, specifically Mosiah 24 (everyone should go read this chapter). But when we read it, the spirit was so strong. I have always loved the Book of Mormon, but until that day I had never realized that power that it can have in peoples lives. I love it. at the end we were leaving and before we could even set up a return appointment, she asked us when we could come back AND if she could come to church with us! She didn't even give us a chance to do our job, it was great! So Sunday came around and sacrament started, but she wasn't there.. Sister Huppi and i were waiting out in the foyer so she wouldn't have to walk in alone and we saw a car just drive through the parking lot, but we had never seen her car so we didn't know if it was hers. Sister Huppi started to call her and I just had this prompting to go stand at the door that faces the street. so i walked over to it and just as i got there, the random car drove by! It turns out that it was her! She didn't know if she was at the right church and so she was going to turn around and go home. until she saw me in the window. She ended up loving church and said that she felt something that she's never felt before besides when she read the Book of Mormon (the holy ghost). she is amazing!!! we have been praying so hard to help our investigators progress but it has been so hard. a lot of the time people will either cancel lessons or just not keep their commitments to read or some to church. but Melissa is an answer to our prayers!! it was so great!
also yesterday a girl named Lori got baptized! the elders have been teaching her for 2.5 years or something like that and her family finally agreed to letting her be baptized! being at her baptism reminded me so much of my baptism! It definitely brought tears to my eyes to see her so happy.
oh hey! guess what i did. you'll probably all be super shocked because i still am. but i ate a cricket. and i wasn't even forced to! there is a recent convert family that is from mexico and they brought a ton of fried crickets back and they always try to get us to eat them, but we never have! until last Friday when we had dinner at their house and they offered me some.. so i just swallowed it super fast so i wouldn't have taste it! but now i can saw i ate a cricket, aren't you proud dad?!
10 things i love about being a missionary:
1. the feeling and spirit that is with you 24/7.
2. the sacrifices everyone has made for me to be here. it seriously means the world to me.
3. how much people trust you as a representative of Jesus Christ.
4. the power you feel from the scriptures.
5. seeing people relate to the Book of Mormon.
6. hearing people pray for the first time.
7. having a very important purpose.
8. meeting new people (even if they don't want to hear about the gospel)
9. the blessings you guys recieve!
10. the happiness!

well i love you all and so does Jesus! remember to be happy!

sister oberfield

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