Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cancelled Church - 3/3/2014

okay first of all, can everyone just realize how much Heavenly Father loves them? it really is overwhelming to think about it. He has given us so much, our families being the greatest blessing. the hardest thing about being a missionary is when people don't want that love. it really is so hard to see people go through hard things but not want to feel God's love. But it is also the biggest blessing to be able to feel a little bit of the love heavenly fathers love for these people. This past week a lot of people cancelled with us, we only had about 4 lessons (which is pretty much shameful) but we had a ton of opportunities to serve people! it was so great! On Saturday a recent convert family in the ward needed help painting and redoing a room. so we were able to help them with that! the smell of paint reminds me so much of home, everyone said it gave them a headache, but i loved it!
all week people were warning us about a huge storm that was coming, but we don't have TV so we really did not pay attention to it, we just went about doing the Lords work. But everyone was like panicking about it, asking us if we have enough food and providing us with things that we would need in like a zombie apocalypse. okay not that dramatic, but preeeetttty close. Anyway, they cancelled church but we still wanted to go out, so we made a ton of plans for Sunday to still visit and teach. We wake up Sunday morning and guess what, the roads were too icy so we couldn't drive. me being me, looked at sister huppi with a "well what the heck are we gonna do" look and she just smiled and said, "looks like we're walking!" so we did. we walked 2 miles in the ice rain. it actually wasn't too bad because we just talked and laughed the entire way.
PIECE OF ADVICE: laugh at least once an hour.
in the afternoon our cars were ungrouded so we were able to drive again! such a blessing to have a car. *moment of silence for all the walking missionaries*
I hope everyone is staying happy! don't worry about me here because the Lord has my back. i wish i could make my emails longer, but there really isn't anyone who is progressing. we have had a difficult time helping people keep commitments but we won't stop trying! The Lord loves the people here sooo much and so we can't just give up on them!I love you all and so does Jesus!
sister Oberfield

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