Wednesday, March 5, 2014

tornado's and road kill - 2/24/14

tornado's and road kill are pretty much how i'm going to sum up this week. I never realized how much of a city mesa actually is until I came to Salem, IL. I'm not even kidding, everywhere you look there is a farm. dead corn fields for miles. it's awe$ome. but since it's the complete opposite of the city, there are a TON of animals. which equals road kill. at first I would get really sad when i would see a dead squirrel on the side of the road. but now i'm pretty sure i've seen about 50. a day. haha okay that is a total exaggeration but it has happened so much that i'm not even phased by it. so dad! when i get home I mighttt go hunting with you! (no promises though).

BIG NEWS: I survived my first tornado (warning). we were in the middle of a lesson when the warning hit and so when we got out, we had about 25 missed calls from the bishop and ward mission leader (they seriously love the missionaries its awe$ome). it was raining like crazy and it was so weird because it was so sunny out still. like i have no idea where the rain was coming from because i don't remember seeing any clouds. anywho, the tornado didn't actually touch down anywhere near us but it was still pretty scary to have a warning. tornado season is coming up so they said this will happen a lot more in a few weeks! Don’t worry, i'll take cover in bomb shelters and stuff like that.

I don't know if i've mentioned this, but the ward we serve in is AMAZING. I'm not even joking, they do so much every week to help us out, it is the best. There is a girl in the ward who has been investigating the church for a year now but won't get baptized until she has her family’s approval, which i could totally relate to. during bishops meeting two weeks ago we were talking about what we could do to help her and her family and I told bishop about my conversion story and how everyone fasted for us and guess what he did? He called the stake president and they set up a stake missionary fast. AWE$OME huh?! We fasted yesterday and it was great. fasting with a purpose makes you love people and missionary work so much more. the day before we fasted the girl in the ward set a baptismal date so we are all so excited for her! God is good. so so good.

This week was a tad bit harder than other weeks though. a lot of our investigators dropped us and none of them showed up to church (i never thought i would cry about someone not coming to church, but it happened). It has truly been a humbling week, but i wouldn't trade it for the world. helping people search for truth is hard, but when they say their first prayer and thank heavenly father for sending missionaries to their door, it makes every second worth it. the message of the atonement is for everyone, and it truly is the only way to be made completely whole. it helps us overcome trials that we think are impossible (because without God, they are) and gives us the opportunity to return home to our heavenly father. i love it.

and i love you guys! thank you for everything especially all of the prayers. they mean so much! i hope you all have a good week!

i love you and so does Jesus

sister oberfield

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