Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One Month - (2/19/2014)

helllo! sorry it's so late in the week! the library wasn't open on monday and then tuesday we had zone conference near st louis so we were out of town most of the day! but now it's only a few days until another monday!

it was a verrrry good week here in Salem! I hit my 1month mark! it feels like i barely left Mesa! craziness. this month has been the hardest/best month ever, but i wouldn't trade it for anything and i'm soo grateful that i get 17 more of them!

last monday night was probably my favorite night of my mission (so far). there is a less active lady named holly here in salem and she is married to gary. so we have been trying to visit holly for weeks, the first time we tried our gps wanted us to drive in the middle of the corn field and so we just assumed that it wasn't the right address. then we got the right address and when we went over there she was asleep and the kids were being crazy so it just wasn't a good time. THEN the third time we went, she was home. along with all of her kids, husband, sister-in-law and nephew. at first her husband, gary, wasn't in the room and then when we started the lesson we invited him in and he was so reluctant to come in. he looks at us and says, "you have two minutes." so we started teaching. everyone else in the family was super engaged in the lesson but gary just sat there looking at us. we finished the lesson in probably 15 minutes (he stayed the entire time) and then he looks at us and says "are you done?" I really thought that he was going to start pulling out anti-mormon literature and a bunch of stuff. but the Lord provides! he looked at us and says "I want to know what makes your church different than others and i want to come to your church on sunday." I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. I don't remember what the lesson was on but the spirit touched gary's heart so much that night and you could see a visible difference in his eyes. missionary work is awe$ome.

yesterday we had zone conference! SUCH a good meeting. we were given training on how to be converted into the gospel and how it'll help our investigators. holy smokes. sometimes i feel bad saying i'm a convert to the church because i still have so much work to do to be converted to the gospel, and it'll be an everyday thing for the rest of my life! in the training i realized that i need to be more grateful, full of love, meek, humble and basically every other attribute of the Savior. and all of that comes through the Atonement and praying diligently. read Moroni 8:26. it's my new favorite scripture.

well i love you all and so does Jesus! remember to always be smiling and that if you have a bad day it's probably because we needed to learn something!


sister oberfield

mom and tim- i hope you had a good anniversary and mom a good birthday! and thank you for sending the stuff and candy!

dad and becky- thank you so much for the package! the popcorn is was my favorite part!

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