Thursday, February 13, 2014

I almost cancelled church (2/10/2014)

Hola familia! how is everyone doing?! is everyone being nice to eachother? well, if you aren't you can always start today!

my week was pretty good! we do so much during the day that it's really hard to remember exactly what happened during the day so I just wrote down certain things that I wanted to tell you guys!

First off, being a missionary can either be the best thing or the worst. and guess what determines that? your attitude! we had a zone leader training this week (a meeting where all the missionaries in our zone come) and the zone leaders gave a lesson on attitude and how it really determines how our missions go. now, this might be a huge surprise to EVERYONE but... i have not always had the best attitude about certain things. but I had this huge realization (a blessing from Heavenly Father for sure) that my mission is determined by my attitute. and yeah i could have a really bad attitude for the next 18 months but that won't help anyone, especially the people we teach. OR I can choose to have a good attitude and blessings will come pouring out of the heavens and i will be happy, family at home will be happy, my investigators will be happy, and most importantly Heavenly Father will be happy! so. I have decided to make the next 18 months the best by always remembering who I am doing this for and doing it with a smile.

Since we are white washing this area we have basically had to find all new investigators. anyways, we found a few! the first is John Edwards (isn't that a politician in mesa or something?). He is in his 60s and has a TON of questions that most of the time i have no idea how to answer. He is blown away by the Plan of Salvation. So that's pretty awesome because he is so willing to learn. then there's Patti and Dakota! Patti is the mom and she has been through a lot in her life. she lost two of her kids and husband in a car accident and now she's a foster mom to Dakota! Dakota is 18 (really weird teaching people my own age) and he has been through a lot also. His mom has had a few brain surgeries and just got another one this last week. They both are so willing to feel the spirit and learn! 
We always look forward to teaching them.

This past week one of the ward members passed away and so there was a funeral service for him on Saturday and a dinner at the church building. When we walked in the building to help set up for the dinner and closet door was open. and so me being the helpful missionary i'm trying to be, closed the door. makes sense to do that, right? wrong. appearently this closet door has to be left open because there's a pipe in there that bursts if it gets to hot. anyways. we go about helping the dinner and all of the sudden a fire alarm starts going off. long story short, we left when the fire department got there because we had another appointment and the fire alarm goes off a lot when they cook in the kitchen. the entire time no one ever mentioned the closet door being closed so i didn't think anything of it. well we left the building and then the elders called us and they said "so church might be cancelled tomorrow because the pipe in the closet burst" my heart sunk, i told them how it was me who closed the door and they tried to tell me that it was totally fine and that it's happened before. needless to say, i felt like a horrible person until we went to church the next day.

i love you all and so does Jesus!

love sister oberfield

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