Monday, May 5, 2014

Hoppy Easter 4/14/2014

yeah that was a dumb topic, but someone had to say it. but holy smokes! what a good week! I am amazed how my love for the mission grows each week! just when i think I can't love it anymore than i do, BAM. love increased. and in other exciting news that will most likely knock your socks off, i've been out for 3 months! right?! where did the time go?! I wouldn't be able to tell you, that's for sure. but over the past three months i have learned 3 things about myself.
1. i am more patient than i thought. I know, this might be unbelievable to you guys but i have been forced to be patient many times out here. its getting to the point where it's not as hard, but i still have moments where i have to pray for patience.
2. i can actually kind of cook sometimes! it's true mom, you'd be so proud of my cornbread cake.
3. i love the scriptures. and i love learning about them. never did i think i would WANT to read scriptures for an hour each day, but i do! & i love it! they are amazing.
but this past week was probably one of the fastest of my mission! probably because we were teaching a lot and so it made it go by faster!
my favorite moments this week:
In the scriptures we are always told to become like a child, this was a phrase that I never really paid much attention to until i met a little girl names Jacie. We tracted into Jacie's house and her mom didn't seem too interested. She grew up southern baptist and plans on staying there the rest of her life. She wasn't rude, just wasn't interested. While we talked to the mom a little girl just stood on the porch and looked at me the entire time. not in a weird creepy way though haha. Even though the mom wasn't too interested she said we could stop by another time, so we set up an appointment to come back but our schedule was too over booked and we had to be in another place and so we didn't make it back to our return appointment. But last week we stopped by again and when the mom answered the door, little Jacie who doesn't even know us and didn't really talk to us, walked out and gave me the biggest hug and told us she was glad we came back! The sweetness of this little girl changed the way I want to be. I want to be as loving as little Jacie.
We also had a big community easter event this weekend. SO many kids came. I was walking with one of the little girls to look for easter eggs and she looked at me and was like "sister Oberfield, I love Jesus. and I know he loves me" This little girl understands the gospel.
funny moment this week:
every moment is a funny moment here in Salem. So once a week we go up to a town called Vandalia, it's about an hour away from the church building so all the members that live up there are less active. But we visit sister blosser up there, sister blosser's husband is not a member, his name is Animal (yes, i'm serious). But anyways, Animal is super sick and he only has one leg and so whenever we visit he just stays in his room. There wasn't enough chairs for everyone so sister Huppi had to sit in his wheel chair. We said hi to him when we walked in and he started yelling "IS THAT GOD?! GOD, ARE YOU TALKING TO ME!?" but sister Blosser didn't do anything, so Sister Huppi and i just kind of laughed and tried to ignore it.. but he just kept talking... so we said an opening prayer and he stopped talking but i heard some noise behind me.. when i opened my eyes after the prayers I saw this huge man army crawling towards me! I wasn't scared or anything but i was definitely frozen in an awkward situation.. He ended up just sitting on the floor right next to me. I wasn't sure if i should've like patted his head or something since his name is Animal.
investigators this week:
TJ and Chelsea are our main progressing investigators! TJ has said that he wants to be baptized but he doesn't feel like he's ready yet, which is super good because he recognizes that it'll take preparation! but they came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it!
Well I love you all & so does Jesus! and remember to always be happy!      
         sister oberfield

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