Monday, June 9, 2014

In the City 5/9/2014

so this is brand new information but... the city is so different than the country. what the beans?! i would've never guessed.. but really. it's vastly different. in Salem i could wave to whoever I wanted and they would ALWAYS wave back. but here they story is a tad bit different... hah and that's an understatement. i won't go into details because i don't want you to think I'm not in a safe area, because i totally am! some people are just diGffHerEnTTO. hint hint.
leaving sister leavitt and salem was actually a lot sadder than i thought it would be. I don't feel homesick anymore, it's more of an "areasick" but it's okay, because the Lord said it was time for me to leave Salem! and St Louis Hills 2 needs Sister Oberfield! (i haven't figured out why, but they do or the Lord wouldn't call me here!)
But guess what!!! MY COMPANION IS FROM MESA! SHE LIVES ON LINSDAY AND MCKELLIPS!!! She even went to Mountain View! weirdness huh?! Her name is Sister Martinez and she's the sweetest. She always has something uplifting to say and she loves to talk to people and share the gospel. This area is awesome, it's been struggling the past few months but that'll change because i'm determined to make every area i go into better than i left it. we have a SUPER AWESOME investigator who's getting baptized on SATURDAY!!!!!!! his name is Mark and he has been through so much but his life has completely changed since he began investigating the church. I wasn't able to be here during the entire process (obviously) but I feel so blessed to be able to see just a bit of how much the gospel has changed Mark's life. He's awesome. and the ward is awesome! People in the ward are one of three things: young married couple, black, or Bosnian. it's the best. We had dinner last night with a guy in the ward who we call Pops (i really don't know his real name) and we had dinner in the parking lot of his apartment on tv dinner trays. haha
I wish you all could see this place because it's so great. people really just do things their own ways and make do with what they have. which is really how we all should live. do we really need half of the things we have? i had that thought a lot this week as i was packing up all my stuff in my salem apartments. i ended up leaving a lot of things behind that i either didn't have room for or just didn't think i would use that often.
I hope everyone has a good week! and don't forget that Father's day is on Sunday! Wish I was there to celebrate my wonderful dads and swim with them! Just know I'm there in spirit! maybe like print out a picture of me or something.
sorry this email is so short! I promise it will be longer next week! But we're going to the zoo today so i'm pretty excited and i'm hoping they have some elephants or sloths. I'll let you know how that goes.
I love you all & so does Jesus!
sister oberfield
p.s. do we have relatives in st louis? people keep telling me they know some oberfields in the area?

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