Monday, June 9, 2014

Strawberries and No Coke - 5/27/2014

hellllo! sorry I didn't email yesterday, the library was closed for memorial day! I hope you all have had a fun summer so far and eaten enough otterpops to fill an otterpop graveyard!! and schools out for summmer! but not forever.

We had a really good week! it was pretty uneventful which as a missionary is kind of frustrating. But it's okay because we had some really really good lessons!

F & S- we talked about the word of wisdom and they totally understood what it was and why we would do that. but that doesn't make quitting smoking even easier for F. He works with a lots of people who smoke (so we'll probably just have to baptize them too) and so it is super hard for him to get away from that temptation. So we made a bet. I would give up coke if he would give up smoking. so yes, I, sister oberfield, am coke free. now until eternity. and F is smoke free. They're amazing and the Atonement has been working SO MUCH in their lives. but tim!! would you be able to write down you experience with over coming the temptation to break the word of wisdom? I was thinking about that this week and i really want to hear it!

M- M is about 18 years old and just graduated! She came to church with a friend a few weeks ago and LOVED how everyone was so happy! We ran into her at said friends house the other day and got to talking to her and set a baptism date on the spot! it seriously was the coolest thing because the spirit totally took over and helped us say EXACTLY what she needed to hear!

so June 21st will be a big day here in salem! but sadly, i don't know if I'll be able to be here to see F, S & M be baptized. We are getting transfer calls this saturday and we are hoping I'm leaving because Sister Leavitt is going home at the end of next transfer so we would both be leaving. and we don't want to do that to the ward and our investigators.

also this saturday I have found my newest dream. to have a strawberry farm. we picked strawberries at a members farm and I LOVE FARMS. it's ridiculous.

So yeah, we are having a swell time over here in Salem! It's hot. like 88 degrees hot with about 43975% humidity. but it's been so great. I can't believe I've been out for four months. I know that doesn't seem like a long time because honestly it has flown by but then i think "i only have 13.5 more months of being a missionary" that's nuts. I love being here. I have grown to love farms though which is something that I never thought i would say. but it's true, i have a strange love for cornfields now.

proverbs 25:25
as cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.

just a hint.

& so does Jesus

sister oberfield

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