Monday, June 9, 2014

50 shades of green - 5/15/2014

I have never seen so much green before in my life. I'm not even joking. These people don't even have to plant their grass or whatever we do because it just grows! it grows EVERYWHERE! and i love it!!! last week it was rainy and cold. i loved it, and i really do love the cold. I don't know why I was so anti-snow/cold before the mission. But now the thought of the humidity and heat in the summer makes me sick. but that's why water is so good! (right? like who am i?) I hit my 4 month mark last week! you know what that means!!!! 14 months to go!!! But who's counting?

But this week was good! We had lots of ups and downs! but we set two baptism dates! with Felix and Shawna! for June 21st! I probably won't be here for it because of transfers, but I'm so excited for it anyways! They are so awesome and are sincerely chaning their lives! And we have been lucky enough to see the Atonement change their lives because of their pure intentions and willing hearts. That really is the ONLY way the Atonement can work for any of us. We are also teaching a girl named Tia! I call her Tia Tia, not to her face, it's just a nickname i made for her. but Tia Tia is atheist! which is kind of really great because she's the kind of atheist that wants to know if God is there! She just has a hard time believing He is! but guess what? She's reading the Book of Mormon so she'll totally know God is real. That's whats so great about the Book of Mormon, its a book for the soul.

We also had Zone Conference this past week! It was awe$ome! We talked a lot about our purpose as missionaries but what really stood out to me is that we are not the exception to the Atonement. A lot of the times we think that Christ will help others out but not us. But guess where that thought comes from? yupp, stinkin' Satan. The Atonement works for EVERYONE!!!!!! Use it, use it, use it.
so we had a pretty funny/scary run in with a Saint Bernard this week. We went to go visit a less active that we've been trying to see since i got here (so like 4 months ago) and we get there but there is a HUGE saint bernard and another scary but small dog barking at us. The dogs weren't tied us and the houses he don't have fences so there was nothing stopping those dogs from attacking. and for some reason since i've been here, i've been so scared of dogs. and everyone has one!!!! I only like two dogs, Lola and Rocky. but he's dead, i still like him though. anyway, we said a prayer in the car and asked Heavenlt Father to either calm the dogs down, or help us over come our fears. Well w got out of the car and the dog just kept barking like 5 feet away, but we HAD to see this less active so there was no way we were going down without a fight. finally the dog stopped and just laid down and looked at us with his big puppy dog eyes. but the other small one kept the fear in us and kept on barking!! finally we gave up, got in the car and drove away. we got like a mile down the road and had this conversation.
Sister Leavitt: "That was so scary"
me: "Yeah it would not stop barking but I just kept praying it would stop so we could see her and then it just kind of... stopped"
both: "we have to go back"
so yeah, God answered our prayers but we were too scared to act on it! When we got back the dogs were put away and the lady was justabout to go to work. so we barely caught her. Just a reminder to never let your fears keep you from recieving answers to your prayers! even when the dog is reall big!

I love you all soososososososo much and i hope you know that i think about you a lot! But I love being a missionary! have the best week ever and the funnest summer!!!
Jesus loves you
love - sister oberfield

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