Monday, July 7, 2014

M-I-R-A-C-L-E-S - 6.30.14

miracles. that is the only way I can describe this week.

MONDAY: I went to the arch!!! I don't know if I expected it to be as big as it is... mind blowing. I love being in an area so close to the city, it's so exciting! And we also picked up a new investigator! He has struggled a lot with the thought of having a modern day prophet but we explained why God would bless us with a prophet and now he has been watching conference talks everyday!

TUESDAY: we had exchanges! Sister Zundel came to St Louis Hills with me and we had a super busy day. We got to teach Kaia about baptism and we asked her why she wanted to be baptized and her answer was: "I want to be baptized because I want the sacrament to mean more than it does now and I want to be completely clean every week like Christ was." she's 9! what kind of 9 year old understands the sacrament like that!

WEDNESDAY: 1/2 way to Christmas!!!!!!!! talk to you guys in 6 months!!!!! We met with Kaia again and invited her to be baptized on July 20th! She said she would she just has to make sure her grandpa can fly out to baptize her! I love this girl!! I wish you all could be there in lessons with her because she is so special.

THURSDAY: We had interviews with President Morgan! We get to have an interview with him every other transfer and so about every three months. He pointed out how much I've grown since then (not to toot my own horn or anything) but looking back I can really see a difference. There have been so many experiences the past few months that have really made an impact. And I know that i'll continue to have them for the next year! During interviews we had district meeting at the same time and it was probably the funnest district meeting. ever. since it was longer than normal we played a lot of games, then we went into the city for lunch! once again: a perk from serving close to the city!

FRIDAY: So we have an investigator who has been interested in the gospel for a while but it's been hard to help her come to church because she is a single mom of three kids. but we decided to see her at the end of the day on Friday and it was just a drop by appointment so we didn't know if she would be home. But we got there right after she got home and she works long hours so she was tired, but she let us in! At first we just talked to her about her week and things going on in her life and she was telling us how there is so much going on in her life but she has just been so happy lately. I saw a Book of Mormon on her end table and I asked her if she has been reading it, and she got really excited and said "yeah! I've been read 2 Nephi 31 every night and I just know God is telling me to keep reading and to be baptized!!!" our reaction: "....wait.. what?" We were so taken aback but the spirit just flooded the room and it was just overwhelming happiness! She even got a job where she'll only be working Monday-Friday! That was probably my favorite lesson I've ever been in. It was one of those nights where I just KNEW I was where the Lord wanted me to be and said what He wanted me to say.

SATURDAY: I don't remember much this day (that happens a lot as a missionary you just forget everything). BUT! one thing that I have loved so much about this transfer is how in-tune with the spirit Sister Martinez and I have been. It's crazy how often we get the same prompting to talk to someone or to share a certain lesson with someone. So on Saturday we went to visit a former investigator who's record was just not promising, they never kept commitments and always dropped their appointments. But we felt like we needed to go see them, so we did! When we got there we saw a lady sitting on the porch next door. She did not look very happy.. but that's when you need the gospel! So we talked to her and she told us she has struggled a lot with addiction and that she didn't want it anymore, but she didn't know how to change. So we are going to share more with her this week. I think that's one of my favorite things about being a missionary, people just trust you with their problems. And you have a sense of compassion towards them as they share their trials. I've found that most of my tears lately aren't from my own trials but more for others.

SUNDAY: I love Sunday. I love church.

So yeah, this week was miraculous!
right now I'm watching David Archuleta on and all I can say is this crush ain't going away.
I love you fam bam!!!! And so does Jesus!!!

sister oberfield

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