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Hey Hey Hey - 7/28/2014

hey hey hey! i love writing these emails every week! yeah sometimes its hard because i have a hard time remembering things now, but if that's the only hard thing to do today then I'm totally fine with that! but just like every week in the mission field this week was great! we saw miracle, had some hard times, and some laughs, and some spiritual times. the norm.

MONDAY: we went into the city and went to the basilica! I don't even know if i spelled that right. but it's a catholic cathedral that you can take tours around! people gave us some pretty funny looks, it's not everyday that you see Mormon sister missionaries in a cathedral.

TUESDAY: the baseball game!!!!! it was soo fun! we took to metro into the city and met up with all of the other missionaries! i got to see sister Huppi and Martinez! they're grrrreat! We didn't end up winning the game but you can bet we stayed until the end just incase they could make 5 runs in the last inning.

WEDNESDAY: you can bet your dollars that i was basically a zombie this day. but we still endured the day with only like 5 hours of sleep! yay Missouri st Louis missionaries! this day was a bit hard for me and that night was even harder. but i guess that's all part of the enduring to the end part of God's plan! we'll have some hard days where we just question everything that's thrown our way. But what matters is how we deal with it, that's what Heaven is watching because Heaven knows what we are facing. from the paper cuts to the broken hearts Christ knows all about it, and he's there.

THURSDAY: Kaia had her baptism interview this day and she is all set to be baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited for her! I love this girl, she reminds me of all of my sister combined.

FRIDAY: zone conference!!! the big focus this conference was on pioneers and blazing trails! okay first of all because of my experience i had on the trek where i basically fell down a mountain i know for a fact that i was not meant to be a trecking pioneer. but God has called me to be a modern day pioneer! the more i think about the saints following the prophets counsel and going to the Salt Lake Valley the more grateful i become. The song "come come ye saints" has been in my mind for a few days now and the line that sticks out to me is "but with JOY wend your way" these saints walked across the country in VERY harsh conditions with JOY! is anyone else wondering how they did this? well i know it was with God. I know that God has to be real because they wouldn't have made it otherwise, the church wouldn't be here if God weren't real. and the church wouldn't be here if it weren't true! God would've surely taken it off the earth. but i love the pioneers! I think they are amazing! and I was thinking about how i can be more like a pioneer and my conclusion was to just work my hardest every day. The pioneers couldn't just take a day off, they didn't look for excuses to not push the handcarts. They endured, and they endured with joy! how great is that! i love them!
"we will surely get to our destination if we join hands"

SATURDAY: so Friday after zone conference we went on exchanges! I went to an area called Fenton with sister Felt! When we were working there she told me how she sometimes thinks about the picture of Christ knocking on the door with no handle and relates that to missionary work. and it's so true! sometimes we have days where literally no one opens the door, and as representatives of Jesus Christ and His true church they aren't opening the door for Christ. It breaks my heart when people don't take the time to hear the good news of this message, but just as Christ would we still love them.

I love these people.
I love this mission.
I love this gospel.
I love my family.
and above all, I love my Savior.

lol (lots of love)
sister oberfield

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