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Have I told you? - 7/21/2014

have i ever told you guys how much i love this place? and how much i love being a missionary? WARNING: you might have to pry my tag out of my hands in a year because i love having my name right next to the Saviors. and I love being called Sister Oberfield! so yeah, there's my i-love-being-a-missionary rant for the week!

This past week was so good! lots of change! but its all good. that's one of the only consistent things about mission life, everything changes.

MONDAY&TUESDAY: we spent a lot of time saying bye to people for Sister Martinez! This ward sure does love her a lot, and so do i. but St Peters is so lucky to have her!

WEDNESDAY: ttttttransfer day! woohoo! okay not going to lie, i was freaking out that morning. i kept my cool though, don't even worry. we had a meeting that morning with president and he talked to all of the trainers and kind of just gave us the down low on what to do and why we were asked to be trainers. then we had a meeting when all of the missionaries that were training went in with the new missionaries but no one knew who their companion was. it was crazy to think that it's been 6 months since i sat in that spot because i remember so vividly sitting there thinking "what the heck am i doing" and this time i was sitting on the opposite side thinking "i hope i know what the heck I'm doing!" then we had the big transfer meeting when all the new missionaries announce over the pulpit who their trainer is and all that fun stuff! my new companions name is sister 'alofaki! its pronounced ah-low-focky, like i love hockey. but not. haha. SHE IS SO GREAT!!! i love her. she's from California and she turned 19 back in March, so she's young like me! she has been so great and just ready to learn. she loves being out and working. i can just tell that the next 3 months are going to be so fun! I'm sorry i don't have any pictures yet.. i'll get working on that.

THURSDAY: sister 'alofaki's first day in the mission field! we had district meeting and then a few appointments. we went tracting and got a ton of mosquito bites so it was a nice warm welcome to misery! i mean Missouri.

FRIDAY: this day was crazy for some reason. we had to help someone move and a bunch of other things. but it was still a good day!

SATURDAY: since I've been out i have done a lot of yard work.. i know its shocking. I've raked leaves, I've mowed lawns, I've picked strawberries, I've planted flowers and i pulled lots of weeks. okay i have a point to this, I'm not just listing off great accomplishments of my mission. my point: i love doing it! and i have this dream of having a biiiig garden when I'm older! who would've guessed it.

SUNDAY: Sister 'Alofaki's first time at church as a missionary! it was such a good day because we had 4 investigators come to church and there were just a lot of visitors that day! I'm so glad she was able to have her first sunday be such a good one!

this past week has been really good. there have been moments where I've questioned if i am doing a good job helping sister 'alofaki because used to the mission and all of that fun stuff. I've had a few secret cries in the bathroom but we've had a lot of good laughs so far and it's so cool to see her begin her mission. i feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has trusted me to help her!

this next week is going to be way fun because guess what we get to do tomorrow!
GO TO THE CARDINALS GAME!!! yupp. it's Mormon night at the ball parks so some Missouri St Louis missionaries get to go. and I'm one of the lucky ones! so watch the game, i might be a star.

well i love you fam bam! remember it's a commandment to have joy. and to read the Book of Mormon!:)

sister oberfield


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