Saturday, December 13, 2014

8/18 - 9/15/14

i'm excited today because i can officially say i've been a sister missionary for 8 months! and that i get to see you guys in 10 months! and that i still get to be a sister missionary for 10 months! ahh! i love my life. i'm so blessed.
well this past week was so good! so fast, and so good!
Monday: we went to the arch! there was lots of construction and we didn't go up, but there's an awesome park under the arch that's fun to walk around. And then that night we got to meet with our super awesome Bosnian investigators. We taught them the law of chastity and word of wisdom. good news: they're already living it! woohoo! so we basically just helped them recognize the blessing they've had from living it.
Tuesday: *sings the Tuesday song* we found a new investigator! his name is Randy. He is meeting with us mostly because he "always hears such negative things about Mormons and so he wants to hear what we're actually about". and that's perfect because testimonies begin with curiosity! He's agreed to read the book of Mormon and to continue to meet with him!
Wednesday: hmmm... well we picked up two new investigators that day! they're pretty interesting.. they're names are Don & Karen. Don is 80 and a retired oncologist. Karen is 60 and is a retired lawyer. and boy howdy do they know the bible. you can seriously ask them anything and they know the background story, the verse and all that jazz. but here's the twist. they're atheist (i talked about when we found them in an email a few weeks ago). sorry not so much atheist but "Diestoid Agnostic" meaning: they can't literally prove that God is real so they just don't know what to believe. They have lots of questions about what we believe in, so many in fact that it's hard to teach the doctrine in full to them. At one point in the lesson they asked me how i came to know these things we're true. So i explained and at the end i said something about faith... they told me faith didn't count. They were never rude during the lesson and they were actually very sincere about the comments they made, which made me sad. Don and Karen really believe that faith doesn't count. I thought about this A LOT that day and it made me realize why faith is the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. without it, everything else would fall. we would fall. many of us probably wouldn't be here with out it. i surely wouldn't be on a mission, maybe not even a member of the church. Faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of our lives. it's plain and simple. We can get places on our own, but never as far as we're able to get with faith in Christ.
Thursday: exchanges! I went to Fenton for the day with Sister Limas! She's so fun. We talked a lot about how positive thinking and positive actions play a role in missionary work.
Friday: ...............i don't remember
Saturday: We went to the temple with Leona! of course she's an investigator so she couldn't go in. so we just had a picnic with her out side of the temple. oh goodness, i miss going to the temple. I have had a hard time relaxing the past few transfers and i think that was the most relaxed i have felt in weeks. i loved it.
Sunday: We had to do a lot of planning after church so we only got to work for about 3 hours. We only had two of our investigators at church, mainly because the other 3 that were planning on coming all had family in town. so instead we went over to their houses and had lessons with them!
so yeah, this week was good! sorry i feel like i don't have much to tell you guys.. just know that i'm happy and healthy (spiritually and physically). have a good week!
work hard. be happy. & do good!

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