Sunday, December 14, 2014

A week worth writing about - 10/20/14

if i could even remember what happened. i don't know why it's so hard to remember. and you would think i would start making note of these things considering how often i do this. maybe one day i'll get the hang of it, i don't know i don't make the rules. 

This week was busy, it was full of talking to people, getting to know then area and talking to people.

Last Tuesday (last time i talked to you guys) we had service in the middle of our pday and ending up just going out and working after we did service.. but we were able to talk to people and see some people who haven't been visited in a long time! and that night we had to prepare a training for ZLT (a meeting with all the missionaries in the zone) (sorry i feel like i need to write a missionary lanuage dictionary). so that day was super off, but it was a good day!

Then we had two ZLTs this week (because we are in one zone and are over another zone) kind of confusing. That we were able to give a training on prayer and finding people to teach. it was good. i really love teaching, and even more than that i love teaching the gospel. 

So here's a goal that sister scott and i have for this transfer: 350 street lessons. a street lesson is when we talk to someone and invite them to do something (go to, meet with us, take a book of mormon, etc.). but this goal has been one of the greatest motivators i've had my whole mission! it's awesome to be able to see the Lord's hand in this work by talking to as many people as we can. since none of our investigators were able to meet this past week we were in finding mode like this entire week, visiting potentials, formers, just basically anyone we felt we needed to see we did. and i'm going to be honest sunday afternoon i started to get a little frustrated. Melissa, a little girl i taught in St Louis Hills, got baptized yesterday and we were close enough to be able to go to it. It was so good to see her make that promise and see people in the ward that i had come to love and see sister 'alofaki! but it really made me miss it, and miss the area. and it kind of made me frustrated that it's been so hard to find people to teach. We were driving back to our area and i was thinking about it and praying (in my mind) and just telling Heavenly Father that i was a little flustered and i didn't want to be. like who wants to be flustered when on the Lord's errand?! no one. but i just kept getting the feeling to be patient, because good things are going to happen. well i didn't have to be patient for long because we went and visited a potential that we have been trying to see all week and she was finally home! (tender mercy number 1) then she told us that she has been going through a super hard time and has been waiting for us to come over! (tender mercy number 2) so we sit down with her and start telling her what we do as missionaries and how our message will help her if she chooses to accept it. The spirit was there and i know she felt it, she told us she feels like this is something she needs to do. We left her with a Book of Mormon and she told us that she'd start reading tonight. 

Heavenly Father has been so so good to us this week. I think about the times when i was discouraged, frustrated and maybe even a little teary eyed this week and it was all worth it last night at 7pm when we met with Erin. How great it is that we have a Heavenly Father who is so patient and listens to our prayers no matter how imperfect we are. 

I'm grateful. 
sister scott! 
(yes i drive safely)
Elder Tindell, Elder Spencer, Sister Scott, me at ZLT!
a missouri sunset. i love this place.
Melissa's baptism!

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