Sunday, December 14, 2014

The glass is half full - 10/14/14


yes it's true. i've been a missionary for 9 months. which means i hug you guys in 9 months! and that i get 9 more months to give the Lord and the people of Missouri everything i have. exciting stuff.

nine things i've learned so far:
-a good day is when you talk to everyone
-when you're on the Lord's errand, you're entitled to His help
-you're given certain companions for certain reasons
-missionaries are able to function on a heavenly capacity 
-this work is about the souls and the love, not the numbers
-there are people prepared to hear the gospel every where
-the scriptures help us learn the language of the spirit
-the atonement is real.
-i've never been happier before in my life. i'm supposed to be here.

okay well enough trunkyness. this past week was crazy. crazy busy. and i don't even know if i'll be able to give details that will do it justice. 

My last two days in St Louis Hills were great. I was able to see the people that i was able to love for the past 4 and a half months! They are so amazing and people that I hope to stay in contact with for a long time. 

Then we had transfers! and I'm not with Sister Scott! She goes home in six weeks and is from Laguna Hills (she doesn't know the laguna beach cast though, i already asked) She's great though! So laid back and just ready to work. The area is great too! The ward is amazing! They feel like home, so welcoming and so much love. I haven't been able to meet many of our investigating friends so i'll share more about them next week!

since this week was so crazy i'm only going to tell you about two suuuuper cool things. so Elder Sitati (a member of the 70) was out here reorganizing a stake and so he came to talk to us too! We were lucky and got to hear from him twice! once and MLC (mission leadership council) and mission conference!

MLC: he talked to us specifically as leaders and how if anything is going to change in the mission for the better it's going to start with the leaders because president Morgan can't be in every district meeting or study session. He also talked about how there is no such things as a lost soul. just a soul who doesn't understand their potential. and he gave us advice on how to help those around us who may not understand: just love them. 

MISSION CONFERENCE: wow so great! the entire mission was there! which is a big deal. 100% chance that it'll never happen again. I got to see all the sisters i came out with and sister huppi and everyone else that i love lots. elder and sister sitati talked to us again on the driving force behind our purpose. which is to share the happiness we have felt from the gospel. and how humility qualifies us to receive help. wow is was just so good. i wish i could have bottled it up and shipped it home so you could take a sip.   

so yeah, lots of crazy stuff! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, so pray for us! it's going to be a good transfer though! we have great faith in the area and awesome members! what more could we ask for?!

love you guys!

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