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Long live General Conference - 10/6/14

wow! okay what an awesome weekend! actually, what an awesome week! I wish you guys could have seen all the good things that happened this week. I love being a missionary.

Monday: so we have a new rule in the mission where elders and sisters can't have p-days together. So last week we had a sisters p-day! We practiced a song that we are singing for mission conference next week (yes i'm participating. pray for me plz.) but it was great spending time with the sisters! 

Tuesday: We had district meeting! We talked about a talk Elder Holland gave in the MTC back in 2000 called "The Miracle of a Mission" it's one of my favorites that really changed the way i serve my mission. Rereading it is a good reminder of the things I know Heavenly Father wants for me (us). He wants us to work hard! "if you work really really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen." There was also a relief society night that night that we were able to go to because one of our investigators was speaking at it! She did so good! The theme was joy and she gave a 5 minute presentation of how her gardening brings her joy! She's so great!

Wednesday: I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! I can only sum up that day in one word: peaceful. the temple really is God's house here on Earth, the temple standard is God's standard. It was great to go back, i've missed it.

Thursday-Friday: normal work days! We have been working on finding people who are prepared.

Saturday: okay so i'll talk about my highlights from general conference after i tell you the transfer news we got on saturday!

So Sister 'Alofaki will be staying here in St Louis Hills. It's sad leaving her and the ward, but we have had amazing transfers together. and the time i've spent in this area on my mission has been so great. I love this ward, my companion, investigators and just the people that are here. But just as always, when we get comfortable somewhere the Lord gives us something else that will help us grow. and oh man, i've got some growin' to do! i'm going to O'Fallon, Missouri! I'll be joining Sister Scott to be an sister training leader (STL)! so to explain what that is (in the best way that i can), Sister Scott and i are the sister Leaders for the sister missionaries in two zones, or stakes. We'll go on exchanges with them and help them with their sister missionary needs. I'm excited for this opportunity to serve the Lord by serving the sisters here! A little nervous, but it's going to be a fun transfer! Sister Scott is great, i've met her before just briefly! 

okay, conference!!!!!!!!! it was so good! if you didn't get a chance to watch it you can on! it's worth it, my pinky promises! so it's going to be hard for me to pick favorites and only tell you about those so i'm just going to write the main points of what i got. WARNING: it's a pretty long list.

-His mercy is the mighty healer to the wounded
-each member of the church has a part in the body of the church, what you do does matter!
-we need everyone to join in the cause of Christ if we are going to succeed
-"Which way do you face?"
-the Savior is our greatest example because he never forgot which way He faced
-the sacrament is a spiritual experience that is to be had each week
-obedience bring the power of the gospel into our lives
-to assist the Savior, we must work together to bring souls to him
-freedom comes not from resisting but from applying
-take responsibility & go to work
-if we want to recognize truth, we must use the right instruments
-gaining a testimony is a quest of a lifetime
-if we do our part, it [truth] will come. and it will be glorious.
-the light that comes from living the gospel brings healing to our hearts
-we cannot lift others if we don't seek them
-covenants cast us as combatants in the world
-loving kindness is required, but like Christ, we must always be bold.
-avoid contention by approaching things as Christ would
-spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers
-adjust and secure our own spiritual oxygen masks (like on an airplane)
-enjoy the power of prayer, not the routine of prayer
-How is my confidence before God?
-when we allow Satan to feed us negative thoughts we are distancing ourselves from God
-take responsibility for spiritual and temporal well being
-embrace obedience
-"When i do good, i feel good. when i do bad i feel bad" abe lincoln (my fav)
-become really really good at repenting
-be good at forgiving others
-except trials trials. they are a time to improve.
-acknowledge our weaknesses, but don't let them control us.
-the Savior is anxious for our confidence
-marry someone (not that i think about marriage) who makes following the Savior easier
-The Savior guides the footsteps for those whose steps are not sure
-knowing truth will not help us until we act upon these sacred invitations
-Christ's duty was to help the poor, even the poor in spirit. He has called us to help in this cause
-"This work is about love, not statistics" "what we do is a drop in the ocean, but if we didn't do it, the ocean would be one drop less" mother theresa
-"who can put a price tag on the influence of a mother?" pres hinckley
-don't take lightly the love i have for the prophet and for the Savior
-we sustain the prophet by living the gospel
-unified in faith, purified in Christ
-we take the sacrament to progress
-decisions determine destiny
-walking where he walked isn't as important as walking as he walked
-Be faithful to the captain of our souls
-stay focused on the simple truths
-faith welcomes the Atonement into our lives
-family prayer and scripture study is non-negotiable
-we must not sacrifice our exaltation for the things of the world
-"he who serves for some thing is good for something, he who serves for no thing is good for nothing"
- observe, then serve!
-seek heavenly help, not secular sources

over all: 
be a more valiant disciple of Jesus Christ. 

wow okay that's a lot of notes and i'd be really shocked if any of you read all of that. but  i just loved conference! It truly was what the Lord needed us all to hear!
but here's the catch, conference doesn't end with Amen! just like our prayers shouldn't! we have to apply it! otherwise we really just watched 10 hours of tv over the past two weeks. I know i need to work on acknowledging my weaknesses, but not letting them control me! 

I love conference, and i love this church. I love you guys and I love being a missionary. 
Most of all, I love the Savior. 

Temple trip with Sister Richardson! 

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