Sunday, December 14, 2014

The 3 b's - 9/29/14

So i am seriously at a loss what to tell you guys because this week was so fast and so good! So I'll just tell you about the b's of this last week:

and maybe some other things that have nothing to do with the letter b.

-NURDIN AND NAZA GOT BAPTIZED!!! and it was so great. The spirit was there, they were there (kind of an important part), they were excited, and everyone's heart was so happy!!! After they got baptized Naza was talking to us and she said, in very broken english "i know i made the right choice." Teaching them really has been a huge blessing and highlight of my mission. They were so prepared to hear the gospel. Really though, they're one of those families that Heavenly Father has been preparing for years! This past week we taught them about temple and eternal families, and with tears in their eyes they told us that they want to be an eternal family. (who wouldn't want to live with their family forever in the presence of God?) 
-one of our investigators is sososososososo close to getting baptized! no seriously, like she asked us if she could get baptized this next saturday. so keep praying that the people here will be lead to the gospel because she is definitely receiving inspiration to get baptized soon! We have been working with her for a longgg time. months and months. and she won't ever set a solid date.. but yesterday she told us she might want to this weekend! so it could happen! it would definitely be a miracle, but i don't doubt that she could feel ready and all the preparations could be done this week. keeeep prayin'!!!!

-so this one isn't spiritual or anything but i'm just here to tell you guys that bosnians make the best dessert. we brought a huge bosnian dessert to district meeting. it was a hit.
-on Saturday we got to go to the mission home for dinner and then to the broadcast with Sister Morgan! I forgot my notes but i remember three major things from the broadcast.

1. The temple is God's house here on the Earth. They contain light and truth. And as children of God we contain light and truth. Our bodies are literally temples of God, we must do allll we can to keep them clean physically and spiritually. I love the temple, and i love how all of what happens inside reflects our Heavenly Father, just like how our homes reflect who we are!
2. Our actions reflect our priorities. This one stuck out to me a lot because i feel like i'm constantly trying to put the Lord first in my life, i haven't always done this and i'm no where near perfect at it. But I'm grateful for the things that i've learned that have changed my priorities over the past 8 months.
3. Heavenly Father is constantly pouring His blessing out to us, but we often have umbrellas of doubt, fear, or pride that keep us from receiving these blessings.
This week was a good one and this coming week is going to be super great because of.....*drum roll*..........GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! if only i had emoji's, then i might be able to convey how excited i am. No seriously, it's going to be awesome. okay i'll be serious now, i really encourage all of you who are going to watch it to have a question in your heart as you do so. Something one of these inspired speakers will say will be what Heavenly Father wants you to hear. i promise.
I love you all and love all the support you give me. Thank you for being the family that you are and helping me even when we're 2,000orsomething miles away. I don't know if you guys know how much you help. i love you all sososo much!

 Shoutout to Naza and Nurdin Beganovic for literally glowing with the spirit!

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