Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy - 12/8/14

that's the only way i can describe how i feel! just so happy! This past week was AMAZING. no seriously guys, miracles happened every day. just small and simple miracles that have just made me so grateful to be here and to have you guys as my family. 

We were able to get a referral from a missionary who used to serve in this area last week for the smith family. holy cow! talk about being prepared. They took the discussions for a while and were working really hard to all be baptized together but then they moved to Texas on what has supposed to be their baptism date.. Things didn't work out in Texas and so they came back to Missouri to the same house they lived in before. We would have never gone back there because on their teaching record it said they had moved, but because the sister who is home now kept in contact with them we were able to know that they are back! they are super excited to have sisters be teaching them again and i'm so grateful to be teaching another family! Teaching families has been the greatest times of my mission. I never realized how big a blessing it was until i was talking to a missionary about the Smiths and he said that he has always wanted to teach a family. I thought about it for awhile and realized that i've been able to teach atleast one family at all times on my mission. whether it be the parents, the child in the family who wasn't baptized yet, or the spouse who wasn't baptized yet. and then i remembered about how before my mission i would just always say how i was excited to teach families like how the missionaries had taught mine. That was definitely a wish of my heart that I've been so so blessed to be able to do. I'm excited to be able to help the Smiths and for the fun memories that are ahead of us!

other miracles we saw this week are mostly about the sisters that we get to go on exchanges with. They all have been working so hard and been striving to be diligent and the Lord is just pouring out blessings to all of them! and also with the ward members here in O'fallon! They all are such amazing people and really strive to share the gospel with their friends. The He is the Gift video has been a huge help, it has helped them be more comfortable with sharing their beliefs with the people around them. 

This is an exciting time to be a missionary and to be sharing the gospel! The Lord has prepared soo many people to accept the gospel at this time.

I'm so grateful for all of you guys and all of your love that i feel every week out here! This past week i just have been overwhelmed with love for all of you! you guys are the best and we make a pretty good family. even though we're a different one, i think we're pretty great.

sister oberfield

ps still a little weirded out that i'm 20 now. what the

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