Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 1 - 12/1/14

holy c*w you guys! it's already december! Before you know it it's going to be Christmas! okay, i'm getting ahead of myself. 

but this past week was one of those "little bit of everything" weeks. We laughed, we cried, we were happy. 

The laughs:

Guess who i got to see on Thanksgiving? It starts with a sadie and ends with a leavitt!! Sister sadie leavitt! crazy that we were companions when i was a little baby missionary. but she came to st louis for thanksgiving and we got to spend time together at the mission home! We had lots of laughs just like we did back in Salem, Illinois! 

Inline image 1

i love her.

The cries: Okay i don't want to dwell on this one but it was challenging this week to be away. but once again, there's nothing that prayers, working and a priesthood blessing can't fix! 

The happies: is happies even a word? well it is now! but seriously, even though this was one of the harder weeks of my mission, we came out of it so happily! Sister fernandez and i are both certain that we are here for a certain reason. and together for a specific reason, also. This work is happy, this gospel is the gospel of happiness. we have happy endings and we are promised them! I love this work.
A part of why it's been so happy this week is because we have been working so hard and more importantly we're taking the time that we have to study every morning to really know the Savior. I've seen the direct connection between knowing the Savior and being happy. 

This past week we have been going crazy with He is the Gift! We gave a training at ZLT on Tuesday and it was all about He is the Gift. and then we had to go to some district meeting on Wednesday and gave it again 3 more times! We learned soo much by doing this! 

I was also able to go on exchanges with a wonderful sister from Gilbert! She just graduated from Highland in May. I love being able to spend time with other sisters and hear their stories and help them.

i love you guys!

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