Sunday, December 14, 2014

a happy heart and a soon to be full belly - 11/24/14

hi guys!!! this past week was so good! I was kind of all over the place, location wise and mentally. 

Monday and Tuesday i was in Frontenac with some sisters there because sister scott went home! It was fun to be there because the houses are soo pretty. seriously, google them. It reminded me of St Louis Hills with all of the brick and just everything being a little busier. i sure do love the city. 

Wednesday we had transfer meeting! my favorite meeting!! I love seeing the new missionaries coming in and all the friends i've made out here! well anyway i have to tell you guys something that happened in the mission on wednesday. So two elders were coming into St Louis from Farmington, MO to get a new car and they were driving north and a semi was driving south and the semi's front left tire blew out and jumped over the middle thing and flew over the elders car. it took off the top of their car. One of the them, Elder O, had to get surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain. But they both were in ICU. So of course at this point all we could do was pray for them and pray that the doctors would know how to help them and that their families would be okay. The power of prayer and fasting is so real. By Friday they were both out of ICU and Saturday they were both released from the hospital. They aren't back to working in their area but they are resting well at the mission home. It really is a miracle that they are alive, and even more of a miracle because of how well they are doing. but just because they are doing so well now doesn't mean we can stop praying! 

Thursday was the first day that we were really back in our area to work! We had district meeting and then we tried to see some people, but no one was home. and when i say no one, i mean it. so we decided that we'd do some transfer planning and then go back out and work. and the second time we went out was so much better! We had a lesson with our investigator, B. Her husband is a member but hasn't been to church consistently in a long time. But they just had a baby and are so ready to come to church! we invited her to pray about when she should be baptized and we're going to be setting a specific date with her this week! They also came to church on Sunday again! The O'Fallon ward has welcomed them so much, it's great to see these friendships being made. 

On Friday we were BACK in st louis for MLC. And guess what?!!??! Something great is coming! (i'm not talking about the second coming) But there is a super awesome video for christmas that the church released! It's called "He Is The Gift" 

watch it! 

discover it, embrace it, and share it. 

(side note: i didn't go on youtube to get the link, i got it from

This is going to be a big focus of our transfer! The video is estimated to have about 22 million views and is going to be in times square, and the main ad on youtube on december 7th *cough*the day before my birthday*cough* 
it's going to be huge! and so many people have been prepared to accept the gospel through this video!

Sister Fernandez and i are doing great! She's so sweet. and we just both love to do missionary work so we have been working like crazy with the time that we've had in our area this week. She is from utah and has been out for about 16 months! i love her.

have a good week fam bam! I love you and i'll be thinking about you! We have a full day on Thursday, we'll be with members and then at the mission home, so i will be well fed and taken care of! 

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