Sunday, December 14, 2014

Novemberrrrrr - 11/10.14

hey guys! so this week went by crazy fast! Which was good because it was a pretty tough week. not very many people were wanting to meet with us, but thats okay because this next week is going to be a lot better! 

So this email has to be so short because i've been using my (very little) sign language skills the past 30 minutes to help a lady change her phone number. 

its getting cold here! super super cold! but i'm trying to stick it out so i am not so cold when the snow comes (which could be at the end of this week). I can't believe that it's about to snow again! it feels like it was just snowing but i guess seasons change here or something? it's not like arizona where its just hot and hotter. haha

lots of big things will be happening this coming week! Sister Scott is going home on monday so this will be our last week together. Sad, i know. But 18 months is a long time so there is some excitement. She has been an amazing companion and i'm so lucky that i was able to be with her. She's going to do some great things! I'm excited to know who my new companion will be, and to see how Ofallon does next transfer. We have some great things coming up and i'm excited.

So the post office is no longer forwarding mail or something like that and so the mission office will no longer be able to forward the mail so all the mail will have to be sent to my address which is 
7103 Huzzah Dr.
Lake St Louis, MO 63367
If i get transferred I'll let you know what the new one is but I don't think i'll be leaving!

Thank you guys so much for everything you do! It was a pretty tough week with the work which made me miss home a bit but I know i'm supposed to be here and your support makes it so much easier. I have been thinking about the phrase "be the missionary your family thinks you are" and that gives me lots of motivation everyday! Motivation to work hard and to be obedient!

oh and here's a big surprise! I'm going back blonde! A member in the ward did my hair last week and because it was so dark we were really only able to get it to a carmel color, but it's making its way back!! and i chopped it! crazy, but i'm loving it. 

sister oberfield
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